Examples of The Door Steward after installation

The Door Steward™ is FAA approved by STC on many general aviation aircraft. It’s a product improvement installation that greatly improves the operation of the aircraft doors.

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How the Door Steward™ Works

The installation of the Door Steward™ consists of a gas spring attached to brackets mounted on the door and the airframe. When the door is unlatched the gas spring gently but firmly opens the door to the full open position.

Closing the door compresses the gas spring. The gas spring can easily be removed from its brackets to facilitate removal of the aircraft door, replacement of a defective gas spring or to conduct other maintenance.

Protect Your Aircraft

The gas spring while in the open position protects the aircraft and occupants from unexpected openings and closings by providing resistance to considerably higher wind gusts and prop wash than the original stops.

Save Your Money

The cost of the Door Steward™ is generally much less than the repair and replacement of existing factory door stops.